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Home Consortium receives conerstone commitment from Marc Besen AC

26 September 2019
September 2019

Leading Australian retail and property investor Marc Besen AC has, following due diligence, decided to make a cornerstone commitment in the upcoming HomeCo IPO.

Mr Marc Besen is best known as a major player in the Australian fashion industry, together with owning Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong Victoria which is one of the largest super regional shopping centres in Australia. Mr Besen believes that the ultra-convenience offer layered with services is a model that is appropriate for the current environment and into the future.

Mr Besen said, “I am extremely excited to become an investor in HomeCo. I believe the model being pursued will be highly successful in the current retail and property environment with good capacity for future growth. I have great confidence in David Di Pilla, and his management team to execute on their ultra-convenience-based strategy”.

HomeCo Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, David Di Pilla commenting on the investment, said “It is a privilege and an honour to have someone of Mr Besen’s knowledge and experience in the retail and property sector make a commitment in HomeCo. The management team and directors will work hard to deliver on our plans and validate Mr Besen’s faith in the company”.